Here I hope to add many more pictures of related cars that I hope you find interesting.

1958 Parisienne sport coupe, and a 1960 Impala sport coupe.

1964 Canadian Pontiacs, left to right... a Parisienne sport coupe, a white Custom Sport HT, and a Laurentian Safari SW.


The ULTIMATE Pontiac from the Great White North ( or anywhere for that matter ! )

1964 Parisienne Custom Sport convertible, 409 425HP 4 speed.

"Right" from any angle. More pictures of this car in this site in "Our Favourite Rides".

Be sure to visit 1964 Pontiac


On the left, DEFINITELY the coolest El Camino I have EVER seen !... 1960, 348, 4 speed. On the right is a gorgeous 1962 Impala. I took all these photos at the Late Great Chevy Convention in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho in August, 2000.

1961 ( yes, 61 ! ) Chevy Impala SS sport coupe. 348 / 335 HP ( 11:1, mech cam, triple two barrel, 2 1/2" exhaust ), factory 4 speed..... Need I say more ? !!!!

Well, here's one for my friends in the States to be jealous of ! .... All the style and trim of the '59 Bonneville, without the EXCESSIVE size and weight ! As with all Canadian Pontiacs, this 1959 Parisienne sport coupe is built on the 1959 Chevy Impala chassis. This particular car has a 283 / Powerglide. These cars are about a foot shorter than the U.S. Bonneville and Star Chief.

Check out the dash board, including the grab bar !

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