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We do all pre 1973 cars with unparalelled knowledge of 1961 - 1964 Chevrolet and Canadian Pontiac.

Our restorations are done with an intense effort towards accuracy, including finishes, options, etc. Particular attention is given to Uniquely Canadian models. Real world affordable rates.

$50.00 per hour Canadian Dollars

$50.00 per hour American Dollars

Estimated cost for preparing YOUR car.....

For completely detailed body and paint, rebuilt engine in show quality compartment, New weatherstrips, rubbers and body seals, full mechanical including exhaust and tires, glass as required, new carpet, re-chromed bumpers and misc as required.... this is not a show car, but is definitely showable, and is intended as a high end dry pavement "driver" restoration.... typical cost would be $12,000.00 - $18,000.00, depending on vehicle condition. This is the most common and practical procedure for preparing your old car... and also will generally provide an equal or greater enhancement in the value of your car.

For a full "body-off" show car restoration which includes all of the above plus: fully detailed trunk, all interior work as required, NOS and re-pro emblems and trim as available, completely detailed chassis and floor preparation. A car prepared in this manor CAN be driven, but is not intended to be used regularily. Cost for this type of work would range from $25,000.00 - $45,000.00, again, depending on vehicle condition and parts availability.

When chosing a vehicle for investment purposes and then having it prepared in this manor, it is adviseable to select a model and body style, as well as power train components which are generally considered the more "collectable" / sought after designs... IE, convertibles, 2dr hard tops, factory option high performance ( muscle car ) 2 dr sedan, or even well optioned station wagons. A 4 door sedan or base model which costs the same $35,000.00 to restore, could end up being worth less than $10,000.00 when completed... less than 30% of the cost. Alternatively, a rare documented "numbers matching" high performance 2 door model with factory 4 speed, could be worth well in excess of the cost of restoration.

Some examples of what to expect: Click on pictures to enlarge. INQUIRE

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Completely detailed paint:

1964 Pontiac Parisienne pictured

Fully detailed accurate trunk area prep.

1964 Parisienne Convertible pictured


Exact accurate upholstery

1963 Parisienne pictured

Always showroom quality engine bay preparations

1964 Pontiac pictured


Convertible Top Installations

Another example of a 1964 Custom Sport interior

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